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Undergraduate Advising Handbook

This site contains the Advising Handbook of the School of Arts and Sciences.  This guide to the regulations and procedures governing academic progress. It contains:

  1. detailed explanation of degree requirements and academic policies governing B.A. and B.S. degrees;
  2. practical guidance on how to submit forms and requests for a variety of academic purposes;
  3. links to departmental sites for information on major programs; and
  4. general information on minor programs.

All of these features can be accessed using the links provided to your right.

This handbook does not take the place of an academic adviser, but rather is a means to make your contacts with an adviser more efficient. (See "Making Choices" and "Academic Advising".)  Nor is this handbook intended to be all-inclusive, or to replace the official publications of the University.  In case of conflicts, the official publications, such as the current edition of the Announcements: Undergraduate Studies (the "Catalog") and the Student Handbook, govern.